CARE 365 is a non-profit organization made up of a group of people called a "care team" who reach out to assist people in need.

Our primary program provides food, basic necessities and support to people less fortunate with situational needs.

Whether the need is for food, clothing, furniture, household items, or simply guidance and understanding, the CARE 365 team members assist people within their ability and care for their fellow neighbors unconditionally.

Our programs are supported by and rely completely on the donations of goods and/or funding by individuals and businesses. The CARE 365 Team serves the needs of as many families as allowed by the donations received.

Care team members understand the reality of tough circumstances and situational needs. Since its beginning CARE 365 has extended compassion and care to numerous families and individuals, including children and the elderly.

The team also understands the importance of giving as well as receiving. Everyone who receives care automatically becomes a part of theCARE Family.

Our program has grown not only by the number of volunteers involved but by the number of persons whose lives have been touched in a positive way, either by having been a volunteer, or by receiving unconditional care.

"Caring begins in the heart." From the beginning, the CARE 365 motto has been "Care More, Complain Less!"

If everyone would follow this simple motto, our world would be a much happier, healthier and safer place to live.

Our Mission: To care unconditionally for others and make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate in our communities, our state and in our nation.

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