~ THE "A" TEAM ~

"I've seen fire and I've seen rain"
A lot of it at times, but through the love of God and the "A-Team" the sun shines through.

The A-Team has proven its heart and care by already reaching and making a difference in one person's life . . . their dad's!!!!
The A-Team has been there when others haven't, so I know too well what that care and support means

To the A-Team - Everything has to start somewhere! If I could reach the stars I would give them all to you! God has blessed me, and I thank you A-Team for caring about your dad, and sharing in this CARE-A-SAIL of life around the nation that you started in our home.

Who is the A-Team?

ADAM - a successful attorney in East Tennesee with a big heart. He is married to a beautiful caring young woman, Amber who is also a part of the A-Team.
Adam is one of the founders and serves on the Board of Directors.

ANDREW - Heading into his senior year of high school, Andrew is successful in school and is one of the founders serving on the board of directors.

ALLIE - a caring young lady with a big heart. She is heading into her 7th grade year in middle school and provides lots of inspiration and ideas for the program. Allie is one of the founders and serves on the Board of Directors.

DAD - Coach Dave Moore - Nothing but a coach and teacher of 32 years who cares.

Learn more about Coach Moore Here!

"Take Care and Give Care! "

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