About Coach Moore
In 1997, Dave Moore. a retired veteran football coach and physical education teacher at Lenoir City High School in Knoxville, Tennessee took action and created a group for students adrift socially.

Like many American schools, Lenoir City High has security cameras and a counseling department to prevent fights among its 1,000 plus students from escalating into Colombine like incidents which was the catalyst and inspiration for his "Care Club" program.

To get the group started he invited kids to join him at a club meeting outside the cafeteria one Friday during lunch and to increase the club's draw, he recruited local celebrities such as former NFL kicker Fuad Reviez, to talk to and encourage the students.

As the year progressed, more people, including teachers and custodial staff gathered for musical performances, prize drawings, donation drives, and a chance to hang out with each other.

These days the Care Club boasts of more than 450 members who proudly wear their T-shirts on Fridays. Members gather for community service activities as well as weekly meetings. The focus of the organization is practicing acts of kindness that create a supportive environment at the school. Club members also call students who are absent for three days or more or have gone home sick for the day. "It's not a truancy call but just tells them we care about them and they were missed," Moore explains.

The secret of the group's success is due to "genuine caring" says Moore. "You have to give all of yourself because young people are better detectors of sincereity than most adults."

Honors & Accollades for Coach Moore

Being the humble, caring and giving man he is, you would never hear Coach Moore mention or talk about any of his life time achievements, so we took it upon ourselves to list just a few of them here.

  • Received his district "coach of the year" honors several times
  • Runner-up for the East Tennessee Coach of the Year
  • Winner of the" Humanatarian Award"
  • Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year
  • YMCA Character Builder of the Year
  • 2001 National Educator of the Year (for the Care Program)
  • Moore has been featured in several national magazines and also an A.P.nation wide story about the care program .

"Take Care and Give Care! "

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