~ Christmas Care ~

The CARE 365 Christmas Care program donates food, clothing and toys to East Tennessee families in need at Christmas and various other times throughout the year. Our volunteer CARE Team assembles and distributes Christmas CARE packages to as many individuals and families as possible who request assistance due to unfortunate circumstances.

The Christmas CARE Program has assisted many families in need for the past three years and it is our hope that through generous donations we will be able to assist even more families in need during future holiday seasons.

Volunteers on The Christmas CARE team, include many families who were on the receiving end in past years. They help to bag, box and deliver goods to current families needing assistance.

We need volunteers and request donations from you in whatever amount your heart desires. If you are willing to assist, your tax deductible donation will be used to purchase toys, clothing and non-perishable food items for many underprivileged families in East Tennessee.

Thank you for helping us to help others. We appreciate your generosity as we work together to heal the hearts of many children and families.

"Caring begins in the heart." From the beginning, the CARE 365 motto has been "Care More, Complain Less!"

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